One critical task in autonomous car is to figure out where exactly the car is in the world with centimeter accuracy. With GNSS, we can only achieve only meter accuracy, which is unacceptable for driving. In Gallopwave, in order to achieve lane-level positioning with centimeter accuracy, we focus on developing the fusion of automotive sensors, which include camera, radar, IMU, GNSS, and wheel odometry. Also, our localization technology can meet full speed range and all-weather condition requirements in the automotive industry.

HD map (High definition map)

In order to make the autonomous car know where it is, and what the surrounding objects are, high definition map (HD map) is needed. Gallopwave’s HD map solution provides attributes such as lane models and traffic signs with accuracy down to a few centimeters. Using our crowdsourcing HD map collection and construction technology, we can reach up-to-minute update to fulfill fast-changing urban environment.

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